Bye in Jamaican

Exchanging greetings and being cordial with people is important in Jamaica.

Saying “bye” in Jamaican patois can be done in several ways. Informally, when saying bye to friends you can say “likkle muore” which means “see you later.”

Another common way of saying bye in Jamaican is “mi ah guh guh” which means “I’m going now.”

A phrase that is also used is “awright mi ah guh lef unno” which can be used when leaving a group of people; the phrase means “okay, I’m going to leave you (plural)”

One more way of saying “bye” is “mi wi si yuh.”

And of course, the word “bye” is also used to say “bye” in Jamaica.

These are a few of the ways of saying “bye” in the Jamaican Patois dialect. There are numerous other ways that you will undoubtedly come across if you study or are exposed to Jamaican Patois.