Hello in Jamaican

Some words for “hello” in Jamaican patwa are:

whaa gwaan – what’s going on

ah wha yuh ah deal wid – what’s up / what’s the deal with you

yes sah ! – used to greet people

Here are examples of how the above phrases could be used in a conversation:

Whaa gwaan yaah mi breddah – what’s going on my brother

Whaa gwaan sah, whe yuh deh pon – how are you, what are you up to?

Ah wa yuh a deal wid, ah lang time wi nuh bukup – What’s up? It’s been a long time since we last met.

Wait deh, ah yuh dat. Ah wa yuh a deal wid – Wait a minute, is that you? What is the deal with you?

Yes sah! mi aappy fi si yuh – {greeting “literally: yes sir”} I’m happy to see you

Yes sah ! lang time – [greetings] it’s been a long time.

These are a few of the possible ways of greeting people in Jamaican.

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