Learn how to speak Jamaican

Learning how to speak Jamaican is just like learning any other language. It takes time and exposure to the words and vocabulary in order to begin learning the language. You have to practice practice practice. Even after you have learned the words and grammar you have to keep practicing so that you do not forget what you have learned. Practicing your language skills is actually easy if you incorporate the language into your everyday life. Some examples of ways to continuously practice the Jamaican language would be to live in Jamaica or visit the island often, have Jamaican friends, and listen to Jamaican audio material. Any one of these things done frequently and for long durations will help ensure that you learn or keep your Jamaican language skills polished.

Living in or traveling to Jamaica
Visiting a country and immersing yourself in a language and culture is one way to learn or practice a language. During your trip you will surrounded by the Jamaican patois language. You’ll inevitably pick up new words and patois phrases from this rich dialect. During your stay in Jamaican you will learn how to speak Jamaican, maybe not fluently but you’ll learn many words.

Listen to Jamaican Audio Material
Listening to Jamaican patois is another way to learn the Jamaican dialect. This is a good way to learn because sound recordings will help you improve both your listening skills and your pronunciation ability. Recorded audio material also has the added advantage of replay. You can replay the audio as many times as you want until you have mastered the pronunciation of a word or phrase. Music is also a good way to learn a foreign language.

Jamaican friends
Having Jamaican friends is a good way to learn the language. Friends can be good sources of cultural information and are walking treasure troves of vocabulary which they can share with you. When friends speak you get to hear the language being spoken at normal conversational pace.

Learning how to speak the Jamaican dialect is just like learning any other foreign language. If an effort is made to learn, more and more new words can be learned by continued exposure to the sounds and words of this vibrant dialect. There are ever growing resources available to learning the language.