Learn to speak Jamaican

Here are some reasons to learn to speak Jamaican:
Learn to speak Jamaican and be able to partake in conversations with Jamaicans and understand much of what they say. Be able to talk to your spouse’s family or children and understand what they say. When you learn Jamaican you can take trips to Jamaica and be more confident when traveling in or around town because you know that you can understand what a shop keeper or a local on the street is saying. Being able to speak Jamaican means that you know the local terms used to describe people, places or things. When you learn to speak Jamaican your ears are trained and have become accustomed to the pronunciation and to the flow of the Jamaican language.

Being able to speak Jamaican Patois (Patois refers to the dialect spoken on the island) means that you are able to check out Jamaican movies and understand much of what is being said. Likewise, when you can converse in Jamaican or understand it, you can listen to dance hall reggae music, even those played at an up tempo pace, and you should be able to understand what is being said.

Learn to speak Jamaican Patois, and be a student of the language, so that you know and can understand the nuances of the language. Take action and begin learning to speak Jamaican; the sooner you start the sooner you’ll learn some new words.