Love in Jamaican

To say the word “love” in Jamaican you would simply say: “Lhub.” Note that the “h” is mostly silent when pronouncing the word.

For example:

Mi lhub aff da oomon deh – I love that woman entirely

Mi lhub har aff – I love her entirely

Mi lhub eem aff – I have him entirely

In the example above the word “aff” is used. This phrase (lhub aff) is often used in Jamaican Patwa. It suggests that you are very much into the person. Also, note that when saying “I love him” or “I love her” the word for “him” and “her” are preceded by the word “aff.” This is seen in the above example

The phrase “lhub aff” can also be used when speaking about things.

For example:

mi lhub aff gungo soup – I love (eating) pigeon peas soup a lot.

mi lhub aff da kiyaar deh – I love that car a lot

The phrase “lhub aff” can be used to refer to your favorite food, school, person etc.