Man in Jamaican

The word for “man” in Jamaican Patwa is “mon.”

The word “mon” is commonly heard when Jamaicans say such phrases such as:

Yah mon – an expression often used to express agreement or to say of course (literally: yes man)

Dah mon deh – that man there

Cho mon – an expression which is often used to express dissatisfaction

Wait deh mon – Wait a minute / wait there

Cuh dah mon deh – Look at that man (there)

Unno know dem mon deh – you (plural) know those men (there)

The above examples show the word “mon” as it is commonly used in Jamaican Patois phrases.

If you want to learn how to pronounce the word “mon” with a Jamaican pronunciation then you should listen to Jamaican audio or ask a Jamaican to say the word for you.