Speak Jamaican

In order to speak Jamaican you should first be looking into learning Jamaican Patwa. Do some research to find out your options and what is available to help you learn to speak Jamaican. This is an important step because before you can speak Jamaican you have to learn Jamaican.

When learning to speak Jamaican, you should pay close attention to your pronunciation. The Jamaican Patwa dialect has its own vocabulary and its own set of rules for pronunciation. You should also keep in mind that Patwa is mostly spoken so one Jamaican will write and spell a word one way while a different Jamaican will write and spell the same word in another way; but both Jamaicans will pronounce the same word the same way. As stated, this is because Patois is mainly spoken and is not written as often as it is spoken. Therefore, a person studying Patois should keep this in mind. He or she should also remember that the Patois word that he or she is reading is not necessarily pronounced as it is written. This is where having access to a native speaker or audio material will play an important role. From such sources, such as audio material or a native speaker, you are able to better learn to speak Jamaican and learn the correct pronunciation of words.

Learning to speak Jamaican is not difficult, especially with the many resources available such as media and the internet. But as in all things, time has to be spent learning and the effort has to be made.

Another good way to learn is to travel to the country of Jamaica and spend time there learning to speak Jamaican.